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Meet the Author

Sharon Leino

Sharon Leino always had a great imagination...

The oldest girl in a family of 11, Sharon Leino always had a great imagination. As a child, she expressed herself through poetry, pouring out her feelings about love, adventure, anger, and being bullied. When her father died, she quit writing and threw away all her poetry. She’s asked herself why but just decided that sometimes “we do some dumb things in our lives.”

As a grownup, Sharon’s career as an educator and special education curriculum developer found her writing reports and grants. She kept extensive journals of her travels with her beloved husband to the many countries and states they visited.

Her childhood love of writing resurfaced with a vengeance when she retired and became a Texas snowbird. After joining various writer’s groups, it became clear she had a passion for writing inspiring books for children. Just as this happened, her husband lost his sight, and her stories were packed away to make room for their new adventure that was full of trials but also love and joy.

Florida became their home where Sharon still lives, making a new life for herself on her own. Her days are full of volunteering at church, creating jewelry as an amateur silversmith, and of course, writing.

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Adapting to Challenges with Flexibility & Faith

Sharon cried when her husband was told he was going to go blind, but she learned to adapt to care-giving with imagination and flexibility as she faced each challenge with faith, hope and God.

Sharon Leino



The Exchange

Sioux Land Public Media

The Exchange is a weekly newsmagazine hosted by Mary Hartnett and produced by Siouxland Public Media. In this episode, we also talk with a retired teacher who at the age of 80 got a publishing deal to create books that help young children deal with their fears. Sharon Leino tells her story and talks about her first book Scaredy.

The Weekend

With Ed Kalegi

Ed Kalegi talks with Sharon Leino, author of the children's book series "The Adventures in Lusair."

90.3 WHPC

Nassau Community College

Kevin Boston-Hill speaks with Sharon Leino, author of the book series, "Adventures in Lusair," about how to encourage students (and others) to problem solve by using their imaginations.

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