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Book cover of Scaredy, book 1 of the Adventures in Lusair, by author Sharon Leino, Florida

In Scaredy, Book 1 of the Adventures in Lusair, eight-year old Rudy must learn to conquer his fears and find his power. The life of his best friend and the fate of this strange new world depends on it.


Rudy is afraid of everything, and to top it off, two bullies like to chase him home from school! Every day those bullies try to make Rudy do things he’s scared to do. Rudy’s best friend Billy is usually there to defend him, but some days Billy is at Taekwondo class, and when that happens, Rudy finds himself panicked with fear.


One day Billy convinces Rudy to go fishing with him at a pond deep in the forest. What was meant to be a fun time together becomes the scariest experience of their lives. Rudy, trembling with fear and worry at every turn, mysteriously finds himself and his best friend lost in a strange world full of danger.

“This delightful book is full of inspiration to help youth face their fears–both real and imagined."

Richard Paul Evans, New York Times Bestselling Author

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Princess Matina in Wandering Ears, by author Sharon Leino 1a 350px.png



Book cover of Wandering Ears, book 2 of the Adventures in Lusair, by author Sharon Leino,

In Wandering Ears, Book 2 of The Adventures in Lusair, Josey is a bright student who struggles with paying attention to her teacher's directions, which makes her feel frustrated. She feels underestimated by others who assume that she cannot complete tasks without listening carefully.


However, one day, Josey joins her friends Rudy and Billy in the world of Lusair where they embark on a journey to defeat the evil Delf. As they progress, they meet new characters and reunite with their old friend Purloin. Their quest requires them to save the Queen and the new Questor.


Do you ever have "wandering ears"?  It's when someone looks like they are listening, but their mind is elsewhere. It's not a good habit because people may think one has a bad memory or doesn't care about what's being said. Follow the adventures in Book 2 of The Adventures of Lusair series to discover the lessons Josey learns along the way. 

“Sharon's writing is like making medicine feel good."

Richard Paul Evans, author of  A Christmas Memory and others



Screenshot 2023-10-18 175338.png

Have you ever felt really, really mad? It can be tough to figure out what to do when you’re super angry, right? In Tame that Flame, Book 3 of the Adventures in Lusair, Billy feels the same way. Don’t worry! Billy’s friends Rudy and Joey are about to go on another exciting adventure in Lusair. But here’s the twist—Lusair has turned into a land full of anger! Come along with these good friends as they learn all about dealing with their own anger and discover how to make things right in Lusair. It’s going to be a fun journey!

"WOW!  You have a very vivid imagination. And, you addressed so many issues - bullies, being afraid to try new things, racial issues, and faith in a higher power and in yourself. So proud of you!!"

'Yooper Gal', a fan of The Adventures of Lusair

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What others are saying

Denny Machette Pizarro, Speech Language Pathologist

“Rudy a hero? What a ridiculous thought! Rudy is afraid of everything and almost everyone. His worries about what might happen are preventing him from exploring and enjoying life. When he is entrusted with a powerful key and given a seemingly impossible and dangerous task, you will witness a miraculous transformation. Rudy is such a relatable character; we all know fear, but like us, he must learn how to face them. This is a book written for all of us. It has every element needed to make it a great read: A dwarf, knights, flying horses, magical beasts, as well as the forces of good and evil! Come along for the quest of a lifetime. Journey with Rudy and his unlikely band of heroes as they fight to rid the world of evil.”

Lynn T.

"My nephew fell in love with reading after reading Scaredy."

Shannon Symonds, Author of By the Sea YA Cozy Mystery Series and others

"I highly recommend Scaredy, a YA Fantasy, to anyone with a child who has been afraid of the dark, heights, or bullies at school. The main character is an anxious boy who is forced to deals with his fears when he goes on an unexpected adventure. I asked my ten-year-old grandson to read it to me. He was laughing out loud, literally, but not as loud as my husband. We all loved it! If you know a kid, this book makes a great gift."

Stan Cronin, Author

"Get this book for your kids. Great story and wonderful way to build them up to know how to handle bullies. The author did a super job at helping kids understand their options other than be bullied."


"Great kids book! Loved reading it together on a road trip. We had fun and felt the bonding experience of this story as we followed along. I highly recommend this book to families and kids. Great read!"

Christine Jalynski, MLIS Librarian

“Being bullied is an experience many small boys experience at some point in their young lives. This tale invites you to feel the pain and struggles of Rudy, a 10-year-old boy, who must come ‘to face the dragon’ in this epic tale of growing up. Relatable characters pull you into the action; the reader sees

Lisa Perron, Author

"Sharon Leino has a knack for authentically portraying children. Rudy's struggle with fear is believable and relatable. When Rudy is handed a key and told the survival of Lusair is up to him, he puts aside his worries and chooses to face the challenge ahead. Instead of hiding behind Billy, he has to rely on his own abilities. Scaredy's fun and memorable characters teach children that when we are forced to face our fears, we realize that we are braver than we think. I'm looking forward to the next of the Adventures in Lusair."

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