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Wandering Ears

Book 2 of of the Adventures In Lusair. 

A novel series for kids.

by Sharon Leino

In Wandering Ears, Book 2 of The Adventures in Lusair, Josey is a bright student who struggles with paying attention to her teacher's directions, which makes her feel frustrated. She feels underestimated by others who assume that she cannot complete tasks without listening carefully.


However, one day, Josey joins her friends Rudy and Billy in the world of Lusair where they embark on a journey to defeat the evil Delf. As they progress, they meet new characters and reunite with their old friend Purloin. Their quest requires them to save the Queen and the new Questor.


Do you ever have "wandering ears"?  It's when someone looks like they are listening, but their mind is elsewhere. It's not a good habit because people may think one has a bad memory or doesn't care about what's being said. Follow the adventures in Book 2 of The Adventures of Lusair series to discover the lessons Josey learns along the way. 

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"WOW!  I was so surprised to receive the book you wrote!!  You have a very vivid imagination.  And, you addressed so many issues - bullies, being afraid to try new things, racial issues, and faith in a higher power and in yourself.  So proud of you!!  I’ve donated the book to our library because you are a local author and I wanted to promote your work.  The Librarian says they are going to put it on the shelf and it will go on the bookmobile, also."

'Yooper Gal', a fan of The Adventures of Lusair

"Sharon's writing is like making medicine feel good.”

Richard Paul Evans, author of  A Christmas Memory and others.

About The Book
Read Excerpt

Read An Excerpt

Princess Matina in Wandering Ears, by author Sharon Leino 1a 350px.png

Rudy didn’t have time to finish before Matina put her bow away and ran over to grab his hands.


“It really is you, Rudy. I thought as much when I saw your red hair, but I had to be sure. There are songs and stories written about your and Billy’s bravery.

“Josey, I’ve told you a million times, but you don’t listen. You just blow me off every time I try to talk about it. Remember the time when you wanted to try out for a part in the school play? You were good. I tried to tell you to have faith in yourself. I learned that in Lusair, and you didn’t listen or hear a word I said.”

She vaguely remembered not even trying out for the part.

She couldn’t believe it. Here they were in a different world and all Rudy could talk about was that stupid play. Her mind was spinning as she plunked down on a nearby bench and looked around. Where did this bench come from? Where did this forest come from?

Rudy in Wandering Ears, by author Sharon Leino 1a 400px .png

Josey stared at him with eyes as big as headlights. “You’ve been here before? Is that why you’re not afraid of your shadow anymore?”

Where did this bench come from? Where did this forest come from? She was in a beautiful garden and her neighborhood was gone. No Mom, no houses, no kids playing, no bikes, no one playing ball. Looking at her feet she saw the tall grass that looked like thin tiny feathers. “Am I dreaming?”

“No, Josey, this is real,” said Rudy.

Matina sat next to Josey.


“Why don’t you listen to what others are telling you?” Matina asked.

Wandering Ears by Sharon Leino, characters 2a grp 300px.png

Other Wandering Ears Characters

Meet The Author

Meet The Author

Sharon Leino, author of the kids book, Scaredy 1a 250px.JPG

The oldest girl in a family of 11, Sharon Leino always had a great imagination. As a child, she expressed herself through poetry, pouring out her feelings about love, adventure, anger, and being bullied. When her father died, she quit writing and threw away all her poetry. She’s asked herself why but just decided that sometimes “we do some dumb things in our lives.”

Her childhood love of writing resurfaced with a vengeance when she retired and became a Texas snowbird.

After joining various writer’s groups, it became clear she had a passion for writing inspiring books for children. Just as this happened, her husband lost his sight, and her stories were packed away to make room for their new adventure that was full of trials but also love and joy.

Sagacious the Dragon, in Scaredy, by author Sharon Leino 1a 250px .png

As a grownup, Sharon’s career as an educator and special education curriculum developer found her writing reports and grants. She kept extensive journals of her travels with her beloved husband to the many countries and states they visited.

Florida became their home where Sharon still lives, making a new life for herself on her own. Her days are full of volunteering at church, creating jewelry as an amateur silversmith, and of course, writing.

Podcast - Sharon Leino: Adapting to Challenges with Flexibility & Faith

Sharon cried when her husband was told he was going to go blind, but she learned to adapt to care-giving with imagination and flexibility as she faced each challenge with faith, hope and God.

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