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Introducing "Scaredy,"

a debut novel for kids.

by Sharon Leino

Book cover of Scaredy, book 1 of the Adventures in Lusair, by author Sharon Leino, Florida

In Scaredy, Book 1 of the Adventures in Lusair, eight-year old Rudy must learn to conquer his fears and find his power. The life of his best friend and the fate of this strange new world depends on it.

Rudy is afraid of everything, and to top it off, two bullies like to chase him home from school! Every day those bullies try to make Rudy do things he’s scared to do. Rudy’s best friend Billy is usually there to defend him, but some days Billy is at Taekwondo class, and when that happens, Rudy finds himself panicked with fear.


One day Billy convinces Rudy to go fishing with him at a pond deep in the forest. What was meant to be a fun time together becomes the scariest experience of their lives. Rudy, trembling with fear and worry at every turn, mysteriously finds himself and his best friend lost in a strange world full of danger.

Rudy, a character in the book Scaredy, by author Sharon Leino 1a 315px.png


“This delightful book is full of inspiration to help youth face their fears–both real and imagined."

Richard Paul Evans, New York Times Bestselling Author

About The Book

What Other's Are Saying

Nipron, a characte in the book Scaredy, by author Sharon Leino 1a 200px.png


“Being bullied is an experience many small boys experience at some point in their young lives. This tale invites you to feel the pain and struggles of Rudy, a 10-year-old boy, who must come ‘to face the dragon’ in this epic tale of growing up. Relatable characters pull you into the action; the reader sees

and feels the struggles. The magic and fast action keep you turning the pages, eager for what comes next. Scaredy is a must read for young readers who need a boost in self- confidence to face the things that scares them most. You will love the rollercoaster ride of defeat to triumph on this hero’s journey to face his biggest fears.”

     -- Christine Jalynski, MLIS Librarian

Furlet, in Scaredy, by author Sharon Leino 1a 250px.png


“Rudy a hero? What a ridiculous thought! Rudy is afraid of everything and almost everyone. His worries about what might happen are preventing him from exploring and enjoying life. When he is entrusted with a powerful key and given a seemingly impossible and dangerous task, you will witness a miraculous transformation. Rudy is such a relatable character; we all know fear, but like us, he must learn how to face them. This is a book written for all of us. It has every element needed to make it a great

read: A dwarf, knights, flying horses, magical beasts, as well as the forces of good and evil! Come along for the quest of a lifetime. Journey with Rudy and his unlikely band of heroes as they fight to rid the world of evil.”

     -- Denny Machette Pizarro, Speech Language Pathologist


on an unexpected adventure. I asked my ten-year-old grandson to read it to me. He was laughing out loud, literally, but not as loud as my husband. We all loved it! If you know a kid, this book makes a great gift.     

I highly recommend Scaredy, a YA Fantasy, to anyone with a child who has been afraid of the dark, heights, or bullies at school. The main character is an anxious boy who is forced to deals with his fears when he goes

       -- Shannon Symonds, Author of By the Sea YA Cozy Mystery Series and others

Meet The Author

Meet The Author

Sharon Leino, author of the kids book, Scaredy 1a 250px.JPG

The oldest girl in a family of 11, Sharon Leino always had a great imagination. As a child, she expressed herself through poetry, pouring out her feelings about love, adventure, anger, and being bullied. When her father died, she quit writing and threw away all her poetry. She’s asked herself why but just decided that sometimes “we do some dumb things in our lives.”

Her childhood love of writing resurfaced with a vengeance when she retired and became a Texas snowbird.

After joining various writer’s groups, it became clear she had a passion for writing inspiring books for children. Just as this happened, her husband lost his sight, and her stories were packed away to make room for their new adventure that was full of trials but also love and joy.

Sagacious the Dragon, in Scaredy, by author Sharon Leino 1a 250px .png

As a grownup, Sharon’s career as an educator and special education curriculum developer found her writing reports and grants. She kept extensive journals of her travels with her beloved husband to the many countries and states they visited.

Florida became their home where Sharon still lives, making a new life for herself on her own. Her days are full of volunteering at church, creating jewelry as an amateur silversmith, and of course, writing.

Podcast - Sharon Leino: Adapting to Challenges with Flexibility & Faith

Sharon cried when her husband was told he was going to go blind, but she learned to adapt to care-giving with imagination and flexibility as she faced each challenge with faith, hope and God.

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